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reminder....? [Jul. 26th, 2007|09:24 pm]
Ok... so at the moment, i'm bored.
Amanda's out 'splorn'
I'm in cukn... ok... no cukn tonight 'cause i had too much food handed to me so i could get work done today... but got little done... 'cause my brain is dead right now.

I actually started to write today because i wanted to remind myself of a bigger entry i want to write another day. It's about 'Circles of Life'... and i remember to remember it this way to remind myself another day because that's what i told amanda i wanted to write about and so i told her to remind me and say 'you wanted to write an entry about 'circles of life''.
So there... that's my reminder.


So is that good enough to remember it? Probably not. I have to remember how i thought about it, and where my mind went when i got the idea, or otherwise when i do write it it will be garbled and soooo not as poetic as it could be if i tried hard and remembered everything i wanted to say. (yes rich, you can be pathetic poetic)  ok... the rememberances go like this:  I'm walking out of a theater with amanda after just having seen 'rattatoullie' with her (my choice, 'cause i love pixar) and i wanted to stay and watch the credits, she wanted to go, i said there's fun stuff after the credits, she said she had to go to the rest room, i said i'd wait for her in the theater watching the credits, she says ok, she goes, i ponder, then i go out after her, i go the mens room, i wait for her to come of of the ladies, and i see her come from the theater 'cause i said i'd be there and we have a 'cute' moment... and i have a mentally very sad moment.  It was sad because i thought of my friend rebecca and how she always told me to stay and watch the credits with her... that i should watch the whole thing including the credits and everything after until the lights in the theater come on and the crew starts cleaning.  Her point at the time was just that 'you never know what might happen after the credits, or who you'll see in the credits(you might see someone you know)... and it's good respect to those that put in all that effort'.  I tolerated this at first, then i enjoyed it after doing this with her for 5+years.  I adore that girl... and i envy her outlook on life.

Without actually writing the entry (why am i trying to avoid writing it?) i want to get other things in:  i thought of my tendancy to 'stay till everyone's left the house' at parties... just to people watch with the way things wind down.  i even like to stay and watch the sunrise at an old apartment overlooking an intersection, just to get to see everything end and begin again.  and that's what i want out of life... i want to stick around long enough to see the end, and way past the end, and to the point where it begins again.  I used to take life as piecemeal, because i was afraid of missing something new and exciting so i'd take only samples of each part of life... but it's just not as comforting as absorbing just one thing to it's fullest.  One home, one job, one girl.  I can be content with having each of these i currently have... forever... so long as amanda's ok with that :-).

ah ha!  that's why i wanted to keep it short... 'cause i wanted to finish by the time amanda got home.  and she is... and i'm done ;-)
love you all,

[User Picture]From: poxyd
2007-07-27 05:21 pm (UTC)
I guess I just don't mind missing things. I know I'm always going to be missing something but I know it's all going to happen with or without me. Life is good, even if you can't figure out how.
And yeah, I'm okay with that :)
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From: missrayder
2007-07-27 06:02 pm (UTC)
Yay, Rich is back!
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[User Picture]From: beth60
2007-07-28 01:23 am (UTC)
Rich! How the hell are ya? It's been ages since we last corresponded (my bad). The last time I heard from you was when I was merely threatening to move to Arizona, and FYI, I've been living in Tucson since September of last year. Loving it all the while, of course. Well, how are you! Drop me a line sometime at Beth60@tbsigma.org or you can find me as Fethernutter on MySpace.
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