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a meme thingy... hope you enjoy. i barely did. [Sep. 27th, 2005|10:11 pm]
[mood |drunkzen]
[music |the sound of my fan in the background]

LJ Interests meme results

  1. armenia:
    a lost country... and my heritage. because of this, i'm often mistaken as jewish... but only by those who aren't. I love the history... especially having survived it.
  2. ceremonyboston:
    a gothic party in boston's An Tua Nua. I love the music, and the people. It may not be a big part of my life, but it's there.
  3. contra dancing:
    ah... the tried, failed, tried again, and barely-squeeking-by past-time of country line dancing on fiddle steroids. it's fun if you either know what you're doing... or have someone special to do it with. I had the latter once...
  4. fine arts:
    i think i need to add 'center' to the end of this interest... because that's the building i've built most of my friendships in.
  5. humility:
    who doesn't love punishment for a purpose? i mean... c'mon! ok, maybe i just like knowing my limits, and where i'm welcomed... and steered clear of where i've gone too far.
  6. linux:
    the flag-bearer of 2nd-rate software advocates everywhere.
  7. patience.:
    something i have. used to have too much of, but since learning when and where to use it... it has become a virtue and a powerful tool.
  8. semiconductors:
    grey-matter's replacement... maybe.
  9. technology:
    what keeps me employed, entertained, and alive... yet does little else. what ever happened to 'women' ?!? i know i have more humane things in my interests... why all this crap having been picked for this stupid meme?!? I like girls more than i like technology! Man... i need to fix this list someday. Oh yeah... 'procrastination'...
  10. zippo:
    fire. the beginning of the end for humanity. yet mine has a cool little infinity symbol engraved on the front. maybe someday we'll get it that it's an infinite LOOP for a reason!

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