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An Adventure in Boston... [Apr. 16th, 2006|09:07 pm]
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[music |Delerium: Karma]

Hello everyone, been a while since i've posted... but i wont apologize, i'll just write.

So I started my Saturday (yesterday) with the intention of dusting the winter off my car (getting my good wheels and tires on, changing my oil with something more slick, maybe a washing and rain-x)... and taking it out for a spin with my friends. It would turn out to be the beginning of a long, unanticipated adventure.

So, right after 'summerizing' my car, I headed to Tiffany/Cliff's place in Avon for some conversation and lunch/dinner. We then just sat around the house for a while, and i was getting antsy anticipating the date i was going on this comming wednesday, so i was getting bored and wanted to go for a walk in the Wharf Park in boston (Columbus Park?). They're all done for the evening, so i go by myself. I like self-fulfilling exsitentialist walks in the park.

I park. I walk around. Cool stuff there... a big top circus happened to be set up in Gov't Center. Neat.

I walk back. Car's gone.

My car was towed. Little did I know that there was a sign at one end of the little street that said the whole street was residential parking only... and no other signs. But anyways... i can piss and moan, or i can turn my frown upside down and make it a lesson learned. In fact... I called up the place that towed my car, and decided to walk to wherever they were so i could reflect.

"We're at 333 Webster Ave in Cambridge... hey wait... you're the kid in the Black Hat?"
"Yeah, how'd you know?"
"Nice car, kid... by the way, we're exactly 4 miles north of where you parked"
"thanks, i might be a while, but i'll be there."

Scary... i've got a reputation already? ::grinn::

Anyways, walking. 4 miles, huh? i figure the average speed walking is about 4mph, right? so it'll take me 1 hour... but that could be as the crow flies, so i'll double that and figure i might have to find a creative route.

I DID. Though 'creative' is not the word. It was an Adventure in Urban Exploration of epic proportions!

To Be Continued...