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Catching my Drifts...

What would you wish to wash upon your shore? Or what shore for you to wash upon?

18 January
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Ha!... who am i? That's what I've been trying to find out my whole life. But dont let that throw you down any path... I'm just a fish out of my water. I used to be a trombone player, a great marcher, a computer programmer, a charmer, and a boatload of other things that I picked up, perfected, and beat to death in college. Now I have a job, and in a venue of nothingness that is the outcasts' crowd. Atleast in college, the outcasts all banded together... but now where are they? We meet once a year at EtoilPB's parents house. I'm one of those people. I've attempted to fit into a different niche every few months or so, only to find out that what I do best is find a niche for the friends I come accross along my travels. Oh boy... I'll have to fix up this bio later. Until then, If you catch any of my drifts... feel free too drop me an email. Hmm... I like the sound of that. I think I'll make it the theme of my blog.